Martex Towels

Martex Towels For Your Bathing Needs

Are you looking for bathing products? Martex is a known and trusted brand for your bathing needs. Martex towels are one of its known brands in bathing towels. Martex bath towels are 100% cotton towels. They have come up with beautiful designs and different colors. This article explains about their unique features, where you can find them and their prices. In addition, it answers a lot other questions that you will ask about them. If you are looking to Purchase Martex towels now and skip reading, you may at any time visit our online store by clicking on the link on the navigation bar above, or by using the link here.

Features Of Martex Towels

There are a couple of unique features that distinguish Martex towels. The first and most important feature is that they are super absorbent. Since they are 100% cotton, they have such super capacity to absorb water. They have three-stripe dobby border and they have come up with different colors.  They also are known for their extra comfort.

Color Trends

You can find martex towels in above 14 different color types. However, there are unique and fashionable color trends that you can choose from. Gray, ivory, sand and stone are becoming the most popular color trends while blue is preferable during cold weathers.

Where Do You Find Them?


If you are looking to buy them online, please visit our online store. You can find all kinds of Martex brand items in all colors and unique designs.  The towels are available for local as well as international shipping.You can buy martex towels from your local offline stores as well as from our online store here. If you are buying them from your local stores, you need to check first for their brand stamp.

In addition to towels, we also sell other Martex brand items, such as clothing and bedding. These can be viewed at our online store. To visit our online store, please go to

How Much Do They Cost You?

The average price you find on and is $20. You can find the Egyptian cotton classic towels at $18. In addition, you can choose from different colors for both the normal martex towels as well as the Egyptian classics.

What Things Should You Consider Before Buying Martex Towels?

If you are buying online, one important thing you should see before buying is reading customer reviews and ratings. Try to see at least three to five customer reviews. Besides, comparing for prices is another important aspect that you should consider. Prices can differ from one online store to the other greatly.

martyx1_3Other Best Bath Towels

Other than martex towels, there are also best bath towels that you can use of. The following are a couple of them.

Turkish towels: – These towels are made Turkish Towel Company. There are different types of Turkish towels such as Luxury, Ribbed and Modal. The unique feature of Turkish towels is that they are soft and fluffy. The average price for them ranges from $20 to $30.

Royal velvet towels: – These also are very soft and fluffy towels. They absorb well and one of the super quality towels in the market. Their price ranges from $10 for the Egyptian cotton types to $90 the pure perfection ones.

Just More Than Drying

Your bathroom is a place where you relax your mind. Taking a bath has some extra meaning than just washing your body. It is one type of entertainment to relax your body. Therefore, you need to have a comfortable bathroom with extra ordinary look.

In order to give the extra ordinary look for your bathroom, you can use your towels. Your bath towels can serve you more than just drying. You can decorate your bathroom by them. For example if you have busy colored bathroom, you can use solid colored or patterned towels to decorate it and give it extra beauty. If your bathroom has a good and attractive color theme, you can buy towels that match the color of the wallpaper or the vanity top.

Other Bedding And Bathing Stuffs From Martex

Martex brand offers other bedding and bathing stuffs. There are quality blankets and bed sheets with this brand. You can enjoy the extra comfort for your bath and bedding from them, in addition to those comfortable Martex towels